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“The EQ Services  Alliance vision is to
 provide a lifetime  equipment qualification  service that helps  ensure Nuclear Site  Licensees, NPP  Designers, Operators

 and their extensive  supply chain minimise  reliability and  operational issues,  ensure safety in a cost  effective manner and  minimise long term  complexity of NPP as  they enter the latter  stage of their life.” 

Equipment Qualification (EQ) and Materials Qualification (MQ), are highlighted in the IAEA Safety Reports: 

“Qualification is an      important design tool  whenever safety  equipment has to  tolerate service  conditions that could  cause equipment  failures."   

Drawing on extensive experience of nuclear power plant operations and regulation,
Jacobs has joined forces with Element Materials Technology, Tecnatom and TUV Rheinland to form the EQ Services Alliance.
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All four companies have expert capabilities in EQ together with global experience supporting various nuclear licensed sites and NPPs.

Together, we offer a comprehensive and complete EQ service, expert support and advice on materials selection and qualification plans, and testing strategies and programmes - all designed to establish,
preserve and upgrade equipment qualifications.

Equipment Qualification and Materials Qualification –
the keys to safety

Equipment Qualification is typically required for electronic, electrical, electromechanical and mechanical equipment that fulfils a safety function while performing an active role within a system. Materials Qualification (MQ) can help support a qualification such as this or act as a standalone qualification.

 “Qualification is an important design tool whenever safety equipment has to tolerate service conditions
  that could cause equipment failures.” – IAEA, Safety Reports Series No.3

The International EQ Services Partnership supports the IAEA’s Four Phase of EQ:

  • Design Processes – materials selection

  • Establishing EQ – component design

  • Preserving EQ – maintenance schedule, technical specification for operation

  • Upgrading EQ – extension of component life through materials testing

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